Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3 Step of Success With SFI

. Wednesday, July 30, 2008 .

Everyone starts in SFI as an Affiliate.

Qualifications: Just sign!
Costs or fees: None required

As an Affiiate, you get:

30% commissions on all retail sales.

A valuable spot in the SFI companywide Powerline for 30 days (your spot can be locked in by advancing to the rank of Executive Affiliate **see below). How valuable is your spot in the Powerline?

Access to hundreds of exciting products and services you can promote and sell. SFI takes care of all orders, product shipments, and customer service for you at no cost.

• More than 20 FREE, personalized "Gateway" Websites you can use to market your products and/or the SFI business opportunity.

• Access to the SFI Affiliate Center featuring hundreds of free marketing aids, powerful business tools, and valuable training resources to help you start building a global money machine.


If you're serious about success, you'll want to "go executive" as soon as you can.

Qualifications: Just 10 SPV (Sales Volume Points) a month
Costs or fees: None required

As an Executive Affiiate (EA), you get:

• ALL Affiliate benefits (listed above), PLUS...

Ongoing income on everyone under you in the Powerline! As an EA, you'll lock in your valuable position in the SFI companywide Powerline.

• A share of every sale and purchase from every SFI affiliate worldwide who joins SFI after you.

• A guaranteed commission check every month!

Double retail sale commissions, from 30% to 60%!

• Up to 200% Executive Match income.

Up to 56% off on SFI's most popular products via wholesale pricing!

• You'll be eligible for one FREE share of EyeEarn Co-op (a $35 value)—or two free shares with a standing order of 10 SVP or more.

• Commissions on SFI MERCHANT SERVICES activity generated by your personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs). Each time one of your PSAs participating merchants accepts a credit card for a transaction.

Full access to SFI's most powerful business-building tools—such as Co-op Manager, Hit Tracking, Key Codes, and more.

• FREE group messaging. Grow your business by sending messages, newsletters, tips, training articles, etc. to your organization.


If you're interested in creating a full-time income or, better yet, an income that your doctor or dentist would envy, set your sights on becoming a Team Leader.

• Just 10 SVP (Sales Volume Points) a month
• Just 5 personally sponsored Executive Affiliates
Costs or fees: None required

As a Team Leader (TL), you get:

• ALL Affiliate and EA benefits (listed above), PLUS...

• Higher retail sales commissions, from 60% to 80%!

Instant-Pay Commissions Get your Executive Matches paid WEEKLY to your SFI Cash Card anywhere in the world!

• You'll be eligible for up to 12 additional FREE shares of EyeEarn Co-op (a value of up to $420 per month!)

• Team Match income! As a TL, you'll earn unlimited 8% matches infinitely deep in your organization!

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